19. Apr, 2021

closed for Polling Day

We will be closed on Thursday 6th May 2021 as the community Centre is used as a polling station. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, it is beyond our control

15. Oct, 2019

School photographer

Our school photographer will be visiting on Monday 28th October. If it is not your child’s normal day then please feel free to bring them in at the beginning of the session to have their photo taken and then take them home

29. Aug, 2019

New school year

Just to remind everyone the children return to preschool on Tuesday 10th September 2019

2. Apr, 2019

Inset Days

We will be closed on Tuesday 7th May and Wednesday 8th May for essential staff First Aid Training.

16. Nov, 2018

Children in need

Just a reminder that today is PJ day for children in need

19. Oct, 2018

Spooky Day

Wednesday 31st October we are having a spooky day. Staff will be dressing up and children are welcome to too if they wish, just for fun, no cost involved.

19. Oct, 2018


Just a reminder that the photographer will be here to do school photos on Tuesday 30th October, both morning and afternoon sessions. If it is not your childs usual day and you would like to come in at the beginning of the session to have a photo taken pleases let us know so we can expect you and your child. Thanks

9. Jul, 2018

Yellow advertiser

Great to see that local paper the yellow advertiser recognise what a good job we do. Visit their website to see our picture special now. Online and paper edition of Havering Edition due out Thursday 12th July

26. Jun, 2018

Ofsted report - We are a GOOD Preschool

We are very proud of our recent Ofsted report. Thank you to a very dedicated, hard working team and for the continued support we receive from our children's families.


4. Jun, 2018

Job Vacancy

We are looking for an enthusiastic Qualified Level 3 Early years practitioner to cover Maternity Leave, initially just for the Autumn Term (September 2018 - December 2018). The hours are term time only Monday to Wednesday 8.30am - 4.30 pm and Thursday and Friday 8.30am -12.45pm. For more information please send a copy of your CV to info@rushgreenpreschool.co.uk

24. May, 2018

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data protection laws are changing as of the 25th May 2018, you have probable heard from many companies about GDPR. We also have to comply with the General Data Protection regulations (GDPR) and all parents will be receiving a copy of our new privacy notice and letter to confirm they have been notified, letters have started to be handed out. A copy can be seen by clicking on the title

21. May, 2018

Butterfly project

the butterflies have started to nibble their way out of their cocoons (click on title to see photos)

8. May, 2018

Butterfly project

our caterpillars have made their cocoons and the children have helped to move them into the butterfly house (click on title to see photos)

23. Apr, 2018

School photographer

School photographer due in Monday 30th April. If it is not your child’s usual day then please feel free to pop in at beginning of either session to have their photo taken

17. Apr, 2018

Butterfly project

Today our caterpillars arrived and the children helped move them into their pots (click on title to see photos)

26. Mar, 2018

Show and Tell

This week we are continuing with the theme of Animals

26. Mar, 2018

Polling Day

We will be closed on Thursday 3rd May 2018 as the centre is being used as Polling Station on this date. Sorry for any inconvenience but this closure is out of our hands

26. Mar, 2018

Easter holiday

We will be closing on Thursday 29th March 2018 for the Easter Holidays and reopening on Tuesday 17th April 2018 (16th April is an inset day)

9. Feb, 2018

Show and tell

We are on half term next week and will be back on Monday 19th February. show and tell theme for the first week back is 'something green'. Have a lovely half term break everyone

5. Feb, 2018

Show and Tell

This weeks theme is 'something yellow'

29. Jan, 2018

Show and Tell

this weeks theme is 'something blue'. please encourage the children to look around for something blue to bring into preschool to talk about

2. Jan, 2018

First Aid Training

Today the staff have been busy having First Aid Training. I'm pleased to say everyone passed.

Our planting area has been dug over, weeds removed all ready for our planting theme week after next. The children will be helping us to plant things to turn it into our sensory garden, and watching things grow over the coming weeks. We have also registered with rhs school gardening awards and are currently in process of submitting evidence to gain a Level 1 award we will keep you updated with our progress.

24. Apr, 2017

School Photographer

photographer will be here to take school photos on Wednesday 3rd May. if it is not your child's usual day you are more than welcome to bring them in to have their photo done. If you are bringing them in specially to have their photo done please let us know. thanks

20. Apr, 2017

Sensory garden

Our planting area has been dug over, weeds removed all ready for our planting theme week after next. The children will be helping us to plant things to turn it into our sensory garden, and watching things grow over the coming weeks. We have also registered with rhs school gardening awards and are currently in process of submitting evidence to gain a Level 1 award we will keep you updated with our progress.

23. Mar, 2017

Red Nose Day

Tomorrow we will be dressing up in red, all donations will go to comic relief

23. Mar, 2017


This week we have had visits from a cat and a rabbit for us to stroke and learn about whilst looking at the topic of pets

2. Mar, 2017

World book day

We have all had a lovely morning dressing up, see photo album for photos

25. Feb, 2017

World Book Day


My apologies for the short notice, what with being closed last Friday the letters about world book day didn't get out to parents.

This Thursday is world book day, staff will be dressing up as characters from a well known fairy tale...we will leave which one as a surprise to you.

It would be lovely to see as many children as possible dress up as one of their favourite book characters too, we are doing it just for fun so they do not need to bring any money in.

We don't expect you to go out and buy expensive costumes, home made ones will do just fine and are lots of fun to make too.

Again sorry for the short notice.

23. Feb, 2017

Closure due to storm


Due to the storm we are having to close tomorrow Friday 24th 2017. The storm has caused the outdoor shelter in the playground to collapse making that area unsafe. Although the playroom is undamaged in the case of an emergency we would have no safe exit from the playroom to outside to get the children to safety. Therefore in the interest of the children's wellbeing and safety I have had no choice but to make the decision to close. We will keep you updated on the situation. I am in the process of texting all parents to let them know but in the meantime if you know anyone that attends preschool please share this information with them.

27. Jan, 2017

Due to a problem with the heating this morning it was unfortunate that we had to close. Sorry for any inconvenience that was caused but as always the children's welfare is the most important factor and it was just far too cold for them to be in. We will be open on Monday as usual and thank you for your understanding in this matter. Thanks Sarah

14. Dec, 2016

What a great time we've all had today, Mr Zippy was so funny and there was some great dancing going on. So nice to see them having so much fun and we had a special visit from Father Christmas too ��������. The children's singing, well what can I say they all did us and you proud they have been practicing so hard it was a pleasure to see. Please could I respectfully ask that any photos or videos including children other than your own not to be placed on social media as not everyone wishes their children to be on the Internet.
Last but not least on behalf of all the staff we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all the lovely cards and presents we have received they are very much appreciated and we wish you all a lovely Christmas. We break up on Friday and come back on Tuesday the 3rd January

12. Dec, 2016

Christmas Party

So Wednesday is party day. Yayyyyy!!!! The party is for preschool children only but we can't wait for parents/carers to come back 10 minutes before the end of session to hear the children sing a few Christmas songs that they have been practicing with such enthusiasm. Party is Christmas/festive dress up, for staff too, so no uniform is required. Lots of fun to be had along with a visit from our special friend Father Christmas ����

5. Dec, 2016

Christmas jumpers/festive tops

We have decided that rather than having a specific day for Christmas jumpers this year that children can wear their Christmas jumpers/festive tops whenever they like over the next two weeks. We are doing it for fun and to be festive not to raise money. Thanks

11. Nov, 2016

2'minutes silence

So proud of all our children who sat for 2 minutes silence at 11am this morning, they all did really well. We listened to the clock chime at 11am on the radio and then sat quietly. Well done!

Starting school

Is Your Child Due To Start School In September 2017?


If your child was born between 1 September 2012 and 31 August 2013 you must apply online for a school place between Thursday 1 September 2016 and Sunday 15 January 2017. Apply online at: www.havering.gov.uk/eAdmissions


If you need to contact the School Admissions Team please complete the online enquiry form at: www.havering.gov.uk/admissions/poster or call 01708 434600 (Mon - Fri, 12-5pm).

26. Oct, 2016


31st October we have the photographer in, if it is not your child's usually day you are welcome to pop in with them to have their photo taken, please let us know if you plan to come in so we can check the photographer is still here

25. Sep, 2016

Teddy bears

This week we continue with our bear week, if your child would like to bring in their bear that would be lovely, but please remember to write your child's name in their label as we would hate for any bears to go missing whilst exploring the playroom

14. Jul, 2016

Thank you

On behalf of all the staff at rush green preschool we would like to say a massive thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts we have received this year. Enjoy the summer everyone, good luck to those leaving to start new nurseries/schools, we will miss you all, and to those staying we look forward to more fun in September when we have some new families joining us

22. Jun, 2016

23rd June closure

Just to remind parents that we are closed tomorrow, 23rd June, as community centre is used as a polling station for the referendum. Thanks

18. Jun, 2016

Mother's Day

These photos were provided by one of our parents of the beautiful flower that has grown from the bulb that her little girl brought home in a decorated pot for Mother's Day. Thank you for the photos

24. May, 2016


We plan to re open tomorrow 25th may 2016, any changes to this and we will notify parents as well as posting updates on here. Thank you for your understanding

24. May, 2016


due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to close today. sorry for any inconvenience caused

16. May, 2016


We have our first butterflies

15. May, 2016

Dance and wiggle week

For more details look at current topic page. We will be having a good old dance and wiggle this week

15. May, 2016


Our caterpillars are all in cocoons so we are waiting patiently for them to turn into butterflies, it shouldn't be long now.

15. May, 2016


Due to the increase in running costs the decision has been made to increase fees to £12.75 for a 3 hour session from 1st September 2016. This is the first increase in a number of years

9. May, 2016


Just to remind parents that we have the school photographer in tomorrow Tuesday 10th May doing a fairies and Huckleberry theme. If it is not your childs usual day or you wish to bring siblings in for their photos then please let us know. Thanks

4. May, 2016

Polling Station

Just to remind Parents that we are closed tomorrow (May 5th 2016) as the community centre is being used as a polling station. Back to normal on Friday 6th May



3. May, 2016

Preschool re openning

The problem has now been rectified and we will be open tomorrow 4th may as usual. Thank you for your understanding of this matter

3. May, 2016

Preschool closed

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to close this afternoon (Tuesday 3rd may). I apologies for an inconvenience that this has caused but it was out of my hands

26. Apr, 2016


Our caterpillars have grown really big, we have one that is different to the others so we are excited to see what it will turn into

13. Apr, 2016


Our caterpillars have arrived. We are so excited and will be watching them each day as they grow bigger

5. Apr, 2016

Summer Term

We will be making some great junk models this term so any small boxes e.g. cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes etc would be a big help. Our caterpillars should be arriving soon, we will keep you posted on how they are doing. Hope you all had fun doing your treasure hunts over the Easter Holidays, any children that I missed giving a form to will get them on the first week back. Thank you for your continued support.

20. Mar, 2016


All ready for the last week of term before Easter. We break up on Thursday 24th March and come back on Monday 11th April

15. Mar, 2016

website under construction

More information has been added including details of our staff and special educational needs information, keep popping back to see what else changes

7. Mar, 2016

Website under construction

This website is currently under construction, contact details are correct if you are interested in a place for your child. Please keep popping back to see our updated pages. Thanks