We learnt the basic shapes, square, triangle, circle and rectangle.  We have been looking around us and seeing where we can find those shapes in our environment.  We have learnt some new shape songs and the Makaton sign for square.  

We have been exploring the texture of shredded wheat with our hands, and the diggers in our sensory tray, building lots of things with our different shaped soft play pieces and racing the cars down different sized pipes.

The children are also making lots of masterpieces on the arts and crafts table

Three little pigs

We learnt all about the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.  We built houses from straw, sticks and bricks in our sensory tray. During circle time we acted out the story and playef three little pigs picture lotto.  We did lots of lovely arts and crafts and cooked house pizza's


We looked at minibeasts, including our butterfly project, watching and learning as our caterpillars made their cocoons and turned into beautiful butterflies.  Follow our butterfly project on our facebook page and on the news update section of this website.   we talked about all different types of minibeasts and planting as we moved through the weeks, looking at living things.   During group time we looked at the story of the very hungry caterpillar as the children, over time the children started to retell the story using a variety of resources.


we had our very own vets set up in the role play area, Played and explored with the farm animals and wild animals in our small world and sensory areas.  And were creative in our arts and craft ares.  As always we were cooking, making cheesy snakes.


we have been having lots of fun exploring with the dinasaurs, making a volcano and dinosaur feets too

All about me

During our all about me topic we will be covering

'what i look like'

'things i like and don't like'

'my family'

'our pets'

'where i live'


These topics allow the children to learn about how we are all different, and about what makes us special.  There will be some lovely crafts and pictures coming home as the children enjoy experimenting and exploring the arts and crafts that they want to use.


We are now into the last 2 weeks of term and we are getting all festive with our crafts and songs. We have an elf called Edward that has come to join us and I'm sure he will be getting up to some cheeky things.  Our home corner area has turned in to Santa's workshop so there is lots of bashing and banging going on. For any children that wish to send their friends cards we have a post box outside that the children helped to's certainly beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

spooky week

we will be looking at Halloween, Diwali and bonfire night this week, with lots of messy play and crafts for the children to bring home.  One of our children's mum will be doing a special Ragoli pattern and coming in to talk to us about Diwali.


We are moving on to dinosaurs this week with lots of fun to be had, including making our very own fossils.  If any children would like to collect some small sticks and leafs on their way to school that would be great as we will be using them in our dinosaur play tray

September 2016 see's the start of a new school year.  When we return after the holidays we will be welcoming our existing children back aswell as meeting and getting to know our new children and their families.

We will be using a bear theme to settle the children and looking at the things we like, our favourite things will play a big part of our show and tell at circle time.  More information to follow in September.


we are now on to the last topic of the school year, we are looking at summer holidays, making sand castle's, spending lots of time outside(weather permitting) in the role play area we will be having out our travel agents so the children will be looking through the brochures and booking their holidays along with many more things.  As usual the children will be making some lovely creations to bring home so look out for those.


We are moving on from our topic of minibeasts this week to become healthy pirates. Using the theme of pirates we will be covering physical development and having lots of fun. I believe that our balance beam may be turning into a pirates ship for us to board and practise our jumping.  The healthy pirates will also be enjoying dance and wiggle week, every hour the music will go on for 5 minutes and we will all stop what we are doing (staff as well) and have a good old dance and wiggle to keep those bodies moving.  As usual there will be more wonderful creative masterpieces finding their way home to you. 


minibeasts everywhere at preschool at the moment, especially hiding in the sand, but don't worry they are just pretend!

our caterpillars are already growing so quickly as we learn about living things and how they change with time.

We are enjoying the very hungry caterpillar book at storytime and lots of creative ideas on our creative table.  Drawing pictures of what the hungry caterpillar likes to eat and practising our mark making skills.

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