Dear parents and carers, the staff would really appreciate to hear yours and your child's comments about our pre-school. Thanks Sarah.

Email Website 6. Dec, 2018

Netty Coyle

It feels very warm here.

Email Website 26. Nov, 2018


How beautiful school life is.

Email Website 14. Nov, 2018

Ashley Broyan

Expressing all my thanks to you, I feel very warm.

Email Website 31. Aug, 2017


Thanks to Rush Green Pre-School! Always a fantastic experience :)

Email 8. Apr, 2016

Rush Green Pre-School

Ahh thank you Samantha, your little girl is a pleasure to have here, and to watch her grow has been fantastic for us. We will miss her when she leaves for big school

Email 8. Apr, 2016

Samantha kingston

Our little absolutely loves coming into pre school (she even wants to go in on her days off) she was such a shy character when she started now with all the interaction with the other children and the fantastic teachers she has completely come out of her
she'll. All the staff are great. Going to be sad to see her leave for big school soon. I have no hesitation in recommending rushgreen preschool to other parents 10/10

Email 8. Mar, 2016

Rush Green Pre-School

Thank you Lauren, Katy and Euan's Mum for your kind words.

Email 8. Mar, 2016

Lauren, Katy and Euan's Mum

I have three children, ages 14,12 and 2 and they have all attended Rush Green Pre-School and have loved it. The staff are fantastic and did a wonderful job at making my older 2 children's time there fun and enjoyable and my youngest continues to attend
and can't wait to go there on his school days. Keep up the good work.

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