Our Aim
Our aim is to encourage the children to develop skills that they will need for school and adapt socially and independently for the wider world that lies ahead of them. We encourage children to experiment and learn through play at their own pace. 

Details of our Group
Rush Green Pre-School is registered for 30 children per session, with 6 members of staff at anyone time all staff are level 3 or higher. We have been at these premises since September 1996.

Pre-School Session Times
3 hour sessions 9.15 - 12.15 Monday to Friday

5 hour sessions 9.15 - 2.15 Monday to Friday

You are welcome and encouraged to use the car park at the rear of the building. Please remember that small children are often running around, so please drive slowly and cautiously. 

Collection of Children 
Please make sure you are here 5 minutes before home time to collect your child

We understand that there may be times when you may be late, but persistent late collection of your child will result in a charge being incurred. Please inform us by telephone if you are going to be late. Between 5 and 15 minutes late there will be a charge of £5. A further £5 will be charged for each 15 minute time slot. Thereafter. 

Under the Children's Act 1989 if anyone other than the parent or guardian of a child is to collect that child from the Pre-School, even a relative, then the Pre-School must have notification in advance. We operate a password system in the event of an emergency, so please can you think of a password to give to the Manager. A child will only be allowed to go with a person who is unfamiliar to staff if they have been given the correct password. 

Fees are due whether your child attends Pre-School or not (i.e. holidays or sickness). If your child is diagnosed with a long term illness and/or hospitalized fees will be reviewed. Our child allocation is determined by Ofsted and therefore it is impossible to offer places on alternative days if sessions are missed. If your child is going away from Pre-School for more than one week for whatever reason, could you please inform the Pre-School on 07887-537115 to let us know if your child's place is still required. If we do not hear from you, your child's place will be given to the next name on the waiting list. If your child has a raised temperature or an infectious illness, please do not bring them to Pre-School. 

Learning Experience
Rush Green Pre-School is proud to be part of Havering Early Years, being part of the partnership means that many parents will be entitled to free nursery education for their children, please ask the Manager for details. 

In order to provide all the experiences that make up the Learning and development requirements, all the activities offered are relevant to a 'theme', which is explored on a termly basis. Every activity meets the developmental and educational needs of a young child that are as follows: -

" Communication and Language 
" Physical development. 
" Personal, social and emotional development. 
" Literacy
" Mathematics
" Understanding the World
" Expressive Arts and Design

Each of the above learning areas sets out what the children are expected to achieve on entering compulsory education. 

Each session at the group provides a varied range of activities to suit all abilities and preferences. From sand and water to construction/building blocks, puzzles, writing materials, paints, dough, books and stories, music and dance, home area, imaginative play, cooking and more. The children also have outside play. A healthy snack will be provided. Please inform us of any allergies / dietry requirments your child may have. By participating in all the activities, children will learn about themselves, respect others, gain independence and find out how the world works around them. Every child is gently encouraged to get involved with the activities on offer during the session whatever their ability, gender or cultural background. 

All jackets/coats and accessories must be named. To avoid accidents we insist on no jewellery and Plimsolls must be worn (not trainers, shoes or boots). 

Suitable clothing should be worn to Pre-School, bearing in mind the comfort of your child (visits to the toilet) and the fact that they are using paint and glue. Aprons are provided, during creative play. Our uniforms are not compulsory. We actively encourage & recommend our practical uniform, which can be purchased (at cost price) and which consists of our green Pre-school colour sweatshirt and polo shirt, joggers or shorts (summertime uniform). Please do not allow your child to bring any food as there may be children with food allergies and dietary restrictions. Also toys from home. Comforters or the odd teddy at first to settle in your child is acceptable. 

If you have any cause for complaint regarding the Pre-School, please see the Manager who will endeavour to resolve the problem. If you feel that your complaint has not been sorted out to your satisfaction then we have a grievance procedure, which has been agreed by Ofsted. A record of the complaint will be made on a form; available from the preschool in line with the national day-care standards. Should the problem still not be resolved you are welcome to discuss the matter with Ofsted Early years 

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Telephone - 0300-123-1231

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